Garage repair

Before seeking garage door repair the door will have exhibited some signs that it needs attention. Unfortunately, many people choose to ignore these problems and only seek the repair service when the door comes to a complete halt. Dealing with small problems in the initial stages is more cost effective as well as time efficient. It also minimises the chances of replacing the entire door. The following are common signs that symbolize a door that requires urgent service:

Creaking and Other Strange Noises

If you one day hear some strange noises or creaking sounds when opening or closing the door, then you need to be worried. This is especially if the problem doesn’t go away and seems to increase as time goes by. Creaking and other strange noises may occur if some parts are rubbing against each other, the lubricating oil or grease found in the rail, chains, or opener has worn out, or the door isn’t properly aligned.

Door Takes Long To Open

You should be worried if the door to the garage takes much longer to open or close. A door may start opening slowly for several reasons. One, the power supplied to the garage door opener may be inadequate. Two, the hinges, door opener, and springs may have worn out causing too much strain on the system. Three, the door may be misaligned due to shift in position or an accident. Seeking garage door repair service on time helps isolate the problem and stop the damage from worsening.

Garage Door Gets Stuck Midway

A door that gets stuck quarter way or halfway is quite common. But, many people will tolerate the problem instead of fixing it soonest possible. The door can get stuck due to objects blocking the path in the railing, chains, or drive mechanism. The garage door opener or the motor contained inside may have worn out, or the electrical contacts may be broken or corrode causing a short or incomplete circuit.

Door feels like it wants To Pull off The Hinges

Another reason to seek garage door repair is when the door feels like it wants to rip off its hinges or sockets. This will be accompanied by strange and annoying noises such as grinding. This normally occurs when the torsion or extension springs break or wear out, or the rail is bent. Failure to deal with this problem will interfere with other sections leading to more costly repairs.

Opens Manually But Not Via Remote Control

Most modern garage doors come with remote control units for easy operation. However, it may happen that the remote control unit fails to open while the door opens well manually. This may be caused by a faulty transmitter in the remote control or a bad receiver on the door. It may also occur when the batteries are worn out or drained. The first step is usually replacing the batteries before calling in the experts.

The above are the common symptoms of a failing garage door. Sadly, many people ignore the signs and end up spending more money or replacing an entire door. The secret to keeping the costs low and enjoying good service is seeking garage door repair immediately you notice the sign.