Garage door plays a very important role in our lives, however it is subject to malfunction at one point or another simply because it is subject to wear and tear. Below find 7 Tips Helpful in Garage Door Repair Process before and after availing Expert’s service
1. Check the power supply
If the garage door fails to open, check whether the power supply is well connected. Check for any lose cables or cable cuts. If the electric power is disconnected from the door, it will not open or close automatically.
2.Check remote control batteries
If your garage door fails to open using a remote control unit, the first thing is to check the batteries. It is a good idea to keep a couple of similar batteries in your house. These spare batteries will be useful, when the batteries in the remote do not have enough power to send a signal to the garage door opening and closing mechanism. If you are not sure which batteries to buy, please feel free to contact your garage door service company or your manual.
3. Lubrication
Ensure that the garage door has enough lubrication. If you put excess lubricant, it will become hard over the winter season and maybe a source of problem. It is a good idea to use silicon based lubrication, they do not freeze during the winter period. It is a good practice to apply lubrication at least once annually.
4. Opening manually
If your garage door won’t open using the remote or keyless mechanisms, try opening it using the manual way. Locate a cord that hangs near the garage door opener and pull it, this will disconnect the door from the opening mechanism, and you can now open the door manually.
It is a good idea to clean the garage door on a regular basis regardless of the season, whether in winter or summer. You can use general purpose cleaners to get rid of the dirt that accumulates on the surface of the door.
6.Safety inspection
Inspect the garage door for obvious things such as broken garage door springs, misaligned tracks, bent front panels, loose nuts and screws as well as broken rollers or pulleys. If you notice anything out of the ordinary while you inspect any of the aforementioned components. It could be the reason why the garage door has malfunctioned. For an experienced garage door engineer, he can be able to check the door within a minute or two and pin point the problem.
If the garage door produces any unusual noise while closing or opening that is a clear warning that something is wrong. If you fail to pinpoint the main cause of the noise. Please contact your garage door service for assistance.

Some of the garage door issues are simple and can be fixed by anyone, however others some of the problems are complex and require the attention of a highly skilled garage door engineer to repair them.
At Raleigh Durham Garage Door Experts we recommend that you try out the aforementioned tips, however, if you fail to rectify the problem, please feel free to contact us using the telephone number posted on our website. Check out our website at ( for detailed information about the services we offer.

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