Safety First

Garage door safety is something that every serious homeowner needs to have at heart. A garage door regardless of its benefits requires cautious handling. It is huge, electrical in nature and motorized. All household members stand the risk of injury if they do not observe safety precautions.

 8 Garage Door Safety Tips

  1. Children
    They are full of energy, curiosity and playfulness. If they are not checked, they can land in the harm’s way. Games that involve movements under or close the garage door should be prohibited. Put garage door remotes or keyless pads away from their reach. The wall button should be beyond the height of small children.
  2. Read! Read! Read!
    The owner’s manual comes with the purchase of every garage door. Take some time to read and share with family members. Put it at a place that is easily accessible to all. It will save you unnecessary injury, pain and expenses. Implement what you get from the manual. Take every advice and warning seriously.
  1. Regular Monthly Inspection
    Look out for signs of wear and tear. If you spot them, call in experts to take the appropriate action.
  1. Service from the Experts
    Apart from your routine monthly check and maintenance, let an expert service your garage door every once a year.
  1. Self Repairs are out of Bounds
    We advise all our clients not to attempt to conduct garage door repair by themselves. We have vast knowledge on how to deal with the variety of eventualities that could result when working with a garage door. Contact us.
  1. Replace old and Worn out Parts
    At the first sign of an occurrence like squeaky garage door spring, do not postpone action. Deal with the small malfunctions as they occur. A garage door should not function with worn out parts like cables and old springs.
  1. Watch Your fingers
    Crushing of fingers is a common accident that happens while handling garage doors. Be watchful! Invest in a door whose panels do not pinch.
  1. Do not recycle tracks
    When replacing your garage door, buy corresponding tracks for it. You may think that by avoiding buying it will save you money, but you will end up paying more instead.
    Safety is our priority at Raleigh Durham Garage Door Experts. We are reachable any time of the day or night, every day of the week for emergency and other services. Give us a call.