Garage doors, for the most part, work well and keep us on time for work, appointments and recreational activities; however, there are times when they need to be serviced or repaired. When springs on the garage door are broken, or when the garage door opener needs to be repaired or when you need to have a garage door installed; these are just a few examples when you need the help of a qualified and experienced garaged door repair company.

There are several tips that will you find a qualified garage door repair company such as first doing some background research on garage repair companies. This can be done by seeking recommendations from family and friends, comparing prices with various garage door repair companies and searching online for quality and reputable reviews. Other indications that a garage door company is reputable is if they have been in business for some time, are locally owned and have good reviews from your local Better Business Bureau.

In addition, to ensure that you are dealing with a reputable company, get bids from two or more companies. To avoid being scammed, it is suggested that you obtain multiple bids. In the past, many have found that a second bid revealed a rip-off. Keep in mind; you can get bids over the phone but when the garage technician shows up, before he exceeds the bid, explain that he must get your permission.

Most importantly, check the company’s Better Business reviews. Better Business reviews are trust-worthy and if you find that a company has a bad rating from them, look for someone else. However, there is something to keep in mind when seeking information from the Better Business Bureau. Some garage door repair companies take care of their complaints quickly; therefore, they remain in good standing with EBB. Another point to consider is that some angry customers, after poor service is given, don’t file a complaint with the EBB. This would make their standing with the EBB good but in reality, it is not. Our technicians are also very well-versed with the latest technologies and can fix any kind of problems related to your garage door opener.

Another point to consider that will help screen out a poor company and find a good one, is when you call for information and the company answers generically such as “door service,” or “garage doors.” If a company answers the phone in a strange and unexpected way, hang up and try another company. Excessive advertising is another way to filter out a bad company. Look for a garage door company advertisement that is presented in a clear and distinct way; one that shows clearly their services, hours, how to contact them and where they are located. Look for ads that describe how long they have been in business and also check their customer reviews.

The company’s name is another point to consider. Companies that are unethical operate under several names. Such companies do this so that they get more phone calls. Their name on their website should match their name in the phone book. As you’re checking their website and phone address, look to see if their website lists their street address.

To conclude, how to choose garage door repair service that gives better results is not hard to do; however, it does require research, time and a desire to find the right company for you and your family! To find a quality garage door repair service, check your local BBB and talk with family and friends!

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