Homeowners usually place a very small expectation on the shoulders of their garage doors- apart from safeguarding their homes and vehicles, individuals expect these to open and close in a smooth and secure manner every time the garage doors are put to use. However, every time one of them fails to do what is expected, homeowners are left with a heavy problem on their hands.

While any issue with a garage door typically requires you to give a call to expert Raleigh Durham garage door repair services, there are some common issues that you can take care of and resolve on your own without intervention from any specialized technician. Let us now take a look at some of these easy-to-tackle garage door problems.

  • Garage doors stick while closing or opening: There could be a number of issues that result in sticking garage doors. If yours is one controlled by remote, first check the switches, sensors, and batteries. If you have a manually operated garage door, see if there are any obstructions in the wheel track. The lubricant may get affected by varying temperatures and weather conditions, so it is important to use an appropriate one to prevent sticking garage doors. Unevenly hanging a garage door may be one of the biggest causes leading to a stuck garage door. Ensure that every spring and cable holding up the door has the same side-to-side springiness and are even in length to overcome this problem.
  • The door shimmies from side-to-side and makes uneven movements: Solving the issue of a garage door that opens unevenly is pretty easy- simply check the tracks where the wheels run and remove any obstruction or debris that may be present. If this does not help in resolving the problem, run a quality check of the springs which should stretch over the same length and be of similar dimensions. If you have a door with automatic openers, check the motors that control both sides as the fault may be present in them. This may call for a replacement.
  • Opening or closing the garage door produces loud noises: If you have loud squealing, grinding, or screeching noises coming from the garage door, it may indicate either a lack of lubrication or the presence of dirt and debris on the wheel tracks. Use anything other than harsh cleaners to clean the tracks and remove any form of debris that may be causing obstruction to a smooth operation. Standard hardware lubricants such as WD-40 or specially designed garage door repair oils are some of the recommended products. Take the door on a few runs up and down the track to ensure that the matter has been resolved.
  • While lowering, the garage door tends to fall too quickly: A rapidly falling garage door poses a great injury threat to those who are operating them. Overly loose springs or broken cables are mainly the reason behind such a problem. Keep the door in the closed position and run a careful examination of the installed apparatus to figure out the problem. If the cables or springs have to be replaced, do not try doing so on your own; instead, hand over the job to professional garage door installation services in Raleigh Durham. Not having the proper knowledge or equipment while replacing garage door springs bring with them considerable amount of health safety hazards that you are well advised to avoid.
  • You have a remote control door opener that does not work: You have checked the switches and batteries, and everything indicates that the garage door opener device is properly powered up. However, you are still facing issues with the door closing or opening correctly. If all fails, you will be left with no other option but to go for a replacement of the garage door sensors and openers, a task best left to be carried out by expert Raleigh Durham garage door repair services.

So that is a wrap on the five most common home garage door problems that you may face and be able to resolve without any help from a technician. For any other major issues, it is best to contact professionals such as Raleigh Durham garage door experts who will be able to provide you an effective solution in keeping with the safety standards. While you may feel tempted to tackle the problem on your own, sometimes asking a professional to look into the matter is advisable in your best interest.