Here are my 5 tips on how to fix a noisy garage door opener

1. How to fix a noisy garage door opener: Installing Bushings

If (your-garage-door-opener) makes loud noises inside your house, then it’s because of all the energy vibrating inside of the garage door opener being transferred straight into the support beams in the roof through the lag-bolts.

This will likely happen when (your-garage-door-opener) installation wasn’t carried out by garage door experts. To fix this, separate the lag bolts from the beams by putting a bushing in.

2. Chain Fatigue Noise – My next tip on how to fix a noisy garage door opener involves the centre chain. Chains can fatigue over time by being stretched and they will sag a bit. So if you do have this problem, just tighten the chain. The trick here is to have a little bit of sag on the chain just so it doesn’t ultimately snap off under tension. If that happens it won’t be a super cheap or easy garage door opener repair.

3. How to Fix a Noisy Garage Door Opener: Misaligned Track – Both sides of the garage door have little rollers that ride along a track that goes all the way down to the ground. Sometimes these tracks will get hit by a car or bike or whatever equipment you have in your garage, and can be bent out of alignment. If one of these tracks is pulling the shaft of the roller either too far to the left, or too far to the right of the track, then it’s pinched.It is always recommended to call a garage door repair professional for help.

The track is secured with adjustable metal brackets. There is a slot that it rides in. So you can unscrew it and adjust it if you need to. Usually it is just one side is out of alignment, so you can compare to the other and then adjust it as needed.

4. (Garage-Door Opener-Maintenance): Use Lithium Grease – If there is the most important thing you will learn from my tips on how to fix a noisy garage door it is this one. Part of your (door garage opener maintenance) involves oil. The best oil to use for garage door rollers and hinges is lithium grease. Depending on the style of roller you have, it would need oil after a while. Make sure to apply oil regularly as part of your (door opener garage maintenance) plan. Remember also to oil the coiled spring (on its surface at the top) as well as the two roller bar pulleys.

5. Grinding Trolley – This is a common problem on garage doors. The trolley rides along the center rail and what happens after a while is it can dry out and become misaligned and grind all the way down. That will be making a lot of noise if it’s grinding on the metal. So, you can actually lubricate this track all the way down and that would help smooth the ride.

There you have it! My top 5 tips on how to fix a noisy garage door opener. Now, make sure to make this a part of your routine (door-garage opener maintenance) plan.