Faulty garage door rollers can prove annoying to any homeowner. Safety of valuables is put at risk. Immediate fix to the problem is essential. Fixing and replacing garage door rollers can be tricky business, if you prefer the DIY route. The positives in this sort of home repair are that it isn’t expensive. Only a handful of materials would be required. A quick fix without many complications would cost as low as $20. The garage door repair process begins once the wheels come off. Follow this guide to know the tools and materials required as well as steps involved in the repair.


First and foremost step is to safely remove the garage door completely.

Using pliers to work with track: Place a clamp for support at half way in opening of door. Release the garage door with help of the attached release rope. Bend the track a wee bit with pliers for a smooth roll down.

Getting the old roller out: Place the first roller in the opening. Wedge the track with a screw driver to make space for the roller. Pry the roller out of the track.

Replacing with new set of rollers: It’s time to get a new roller in track by simply sliding a new one in. Rinse and repeat the process for every roller that has to be removed and replaced.

Working the overhead section: When the rollers at the bottom are removed and replaced, rollers at top won’t be replaceable. This occurs, since it doesn’t line up with the track. Bend the opening of track and roll the door open. Bend the track at middle of the overhead section.

Friend to the rescue: Have a friend to spot the door. It helps make sure, you won’t get smashed on the head during repair.

If you don’t have a helper or have the services of power opener, 2×4 cardboard method is the immediate alternative.


1 Place a 2×4 bracing to support the garage door from below.

2 Remove old nuts safely from the damaged hardware. Use oil to lubricate rusty bolts. Safety glasses come in handy for this step.

3 Drill through the door for placing new bolts for new brackets. Always hammer new bolts from exterior of the doors.

4 Make sure to position bracket correctly to cradle new wheels into track.

5 Add nuts to brackets and hasten the wheel, once it is placed perfectly.

6 Rinse and repeat the process for other side of door as well.

Caution: Make sure to put safety as top priority. In case of power opener, unplug garage door opener from electric outlet. When the door is above your head, do not take any component out of it.

Different type of doors would require additional tweaks in the standard process. DIY way can save you a lot of money. Nevertheless if not carried out carefully , the success rate of DIY methods aren’t always 100%.

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