The roles that the garage door springs play towards the opening and closing of the garage doors indeed cannot be overemphasised. They counterbalance the weights of the doors in order to ensure that they open and close smoothly.

Like any other movable piece of equipment, they too are prone to wear and tear. For this reason, they need be replaced from time to time. The following are the major steps that home owners may take to upgrade their garage door springs:

Step I: Gather the Requisite Tools-of-trade

The various tools-of-trade that are required for this task are: Sockets, socket wrench, ruler, rag, ladder, file, adjustable wrench, 10-inch vise grips, 1/2 by 18-inch winding bars, and 1/2 by 36-inch steel rods.

Step II: Put on Protective Attire and Prepare the Work Area

It is imperative that protective attire such as aprons and helmets are put on to protect oneself from injuries and accidents. The work area should also be kept off the unauthorised access and entry of third parties by cordoning-off and clearly labelling as “Work in Progress”. The garage should also be fully lit, not to mention of course the fact that all its contents have to be removed.

Step III: Obtain the Dimensions of the Old Springs

Measure the existing springs and make sure that the new ones to be placed in their stead have the exact same dimensions. This of course is to avoid any errors or discrepancies.

Step IV: Mark the Torsion Shafts

Mark the levels of the torsion shafts to ensure also that the new garage door springs that shall be installed shall be in the exact same position as their predecessors’. The torsion hardware is then to be removed.

Step V: Replace the springs 

Before this can happen, the old springs have to be removed by unscrewing them. Utmost care has to be taken to avoid injuries should they unwind in the process. After the current springs have been removed, the new springs have to be placed in their stead gently and carefully also to prevent injuries.

Step VI: Reinstall the Torsion Hardware

The torsion hardware that had been removed should be reinstalled in the exact same spot wherein they were prior to being removed.

Step VII: Wind the New Springs

The new springs are to be wound. This should be done slowly and carefully to prevent injuries.

Step VIII: Test the Door

The garage door should be opened and closed severally to test the efficacy of the new springs. Should any interruptions be experienced while opening and closing the garage door, several of the aforementioned steps may have to be repeated till the door eventually opens smoothly.

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