The garage door happens to be one of the largest movable parts of the house. To ensure proper functioning, it requires constant maintenance. Several garage door maintenance tips are available for homeowners to help them maintain their garage door. Proper maintenance helps you avoid unnecessary replacements and garage door repair. Garage door maintenance is recommended once every three months or on a need-be basis.

Below are a few maintenance tips for garage door parts:

Proper Cleaning of The Garage Door Track

Should the garage door become noisy or sticky; do not spray any lubricant to the door track. As opposed to contributing to the proper working of the door, they do the exact opposite. Lubricants initiate collecting of particles that eventually harden and further worsen the problem.

Cleaning the garage door track will do the trick. Using a damp cloth, simply wipe the inside of the track. Follow this up with wiping off using a dry cloth. WD 40 lubricant may be used to loosen up any sticky residue that may be on the track

Proper Lubrication of a Noisy Door
Unlike an ordinary door, several factors must be considered when lubricating a garage door. Foremost, WD 40 lubricant is not advisable to use on a squeaking garage door. When you plan to lubricate your garage door parts it is advisable you look for a silicone spray or better still, a lithium spray. These sprays work best for metal rollers that come with ball bearings, the top part of the chain rail, stems, hinges, nubs, the arm bar, and the lock. Lubrication does not apply to all parts of the door. The chains, the bottom part of the chain rail, the spring as well as the garage door track, are parts that should be avoided when lubricating the garage door.

Realigning the Garage Door Sensors
Once in a while, the garage door sensors get knocked out of alignment. Misalignment of the sensors often leads to malfunctioning of the garage door. Realigning the sensors only requires a gentle push of the sensors into the right position where they face each other. When aligned, the sensors give off a solid light as opposed to the blinking light they produce when they are not aligned.

Installation of Weather Seals
Weather seals have more uses to a homeowner than just helping with your garage door. Weather seals come in handy when you want to save energy. They also play a crucial role by preventing moisture from going into the garage. Installation of weather seals on the garage door frame, in between the garage door panels as well as at the bottom of the garage door goes a long way in assisting with the garage door maintenance.

Resetting the Garage Door Opener
Sometimes, the garage door closes briefly then opens automatically. Other times, the door stops working before reaching the ground. In these incidences, a reset is required. Each garage door system comes with specific instructions on how to reset it. The typical procedure usually involves shutting off the power correctly, by unplugging the garage door opener, waiting for 10 seconds before turning back the power on. The arrow down button is then pressed until the garage door is completely closed.
These simple garage door repair and maintenance procedures can save you a great deal of money in the long run.