The garage door is the first thing that is before you as you come back home and the last thing that you see when you leave the house. For it to remain functional, proper maintenance is required. During a power outage, you may be required to raise or lower the door manually for it to open and close. Rollers and tracks used in operating the door properly need regular maintenance.

After a year or two or even a few months of normal functioning, the rollers can wear out. The tracks then misalign making the garage door drag. When this happens, opening and closing the door becomes difficult. Here are some ways to maintain the rollers and tracks to ensure their normal performance:


You should leave some things to the professional who installed your garage door. When you call the professional for garage maintenance or if your garage door is not working as usual, the first thing that the professional will do is examine the rollers and tracks. Nuts and bolts hold the hinges of the rollers and brackets. If these parts are loose, the technician will tighten them. When they wear out, the technician will replace the worn out tracks with new ones. We are also good at repairing the garage door components, to mention a few – off track garage door repair, garage door panel repair, garage door cable repair/replacement and more


Cleaning the rollers and tracks removes grease build up and dust and this is something you can do. Metallic rollers come with unsealed bearings that can be easily cleaned by using a simple brush to remove dirt. You can also clean the bearings by applying silicone oil. After this, you can use a rug to clean these parts. We are a reputed garage door supplier and garage door spring repair service provider in Durham, NC.


Lubrication is important to prevent the rollers and tracks from wearing out quickly. The stems of these rollers should get regular lubrication so that the door can open and close without struggling. When you hear a screeching noise on opening or closing the door, this should tell you that lubrication is required. For rollers made of nylon, lubrication is not necessary.

Some garage door repair experts in Durham always check the alignment of the tracks as part of their maintenance drill. Tracks must always slant slightly to work well. When adjustments are necessary, the technician will loosen the bolts and tap these tracks using a rubber mallet in order to get them aligned correctly.

Remember that tracks and rollers can be very dangerous because they assist in securing the door. When you tamper with these parts, the door can fall. It is therefore important to seek the services of a professional for maintenance of garage door parts. Garage door rollers and tracks need proper maintenance so that they can function well. Always hire a professional technician for inspection, cleaning and lubrication of your garage doors.