Maintenance is the heart of your garage door’s longevity. Do not take your garage door for granted. Do not neglect it just because it is working. It is mechanical in nature and therefore subject to wear and tear. Make it a routine that if you see something that is not in place, then replace it on time to prevent a fatal accident or damage to property.

 Be Smart
Most homeowners are forced to attend to their garage doors only when they are inconvenienced. It is time to change this trend and reap the benefits of garage door maintenance.

 5 Maintenance Tips

  1. Ensure availability of Safety information to all
    You owe it to all your family members to avail to them all the safety information regarding garage door use. This way they will all be safe as they carry on with their daily lives. You will not always be with them. Children should understand that the garage door, its remote or other operation gadgets are not toys. We are a reputed garage door supplier and garage door spring repair service provider in Durham NC.
  2. Regular Cleaning
    Clean the garage door as regularly as you would clean your car. This allows you to get rid of all dirt and grit along its tracks for smooth movement. Do not touch the electrical parts with water which otherwise may cause electrocution. Remember to lubricate the moving parts after cleaning to curb the noise. Be keen to notice any abnormalities.
  3. Repairs and Service
    All faulty parts should undergo garage door repair immediately to avoid accidents. Make it a habit to report any abnormalities that you spot to a professional and let him do the servicing for you. You will not only save money but also stay safe.
  4. Inspection
    Inspection of your garage door once a year by an expert is necessary. This will provide you the opportunity to avert future problems with the reverse mechanism or opener adjustment or any other part.
  5. The Garage Door Opener
    Take time out to assess the condition of the Garage Door Opener. Look at the sensors and align them directly opposite each other. Ensure the indicator light is not blinking. Once the sensors are realigned and re-positioned correctly, you will get a solid light in place of the blinking one. Replace the remote batteries if need be. If in doubt, feel free to seek for the services of garage door maintenance experts in Raleigh Durham. Remember that you need to prioritize your safety.