The garage door opener includes a system of sensors, springs, tracks and pulleys to ensure that the door opens and closes without difficulty. The more efficient the garage door opener, the better the garage door will work. However, there are cases where the door opens very slowly.When you hire a garage door expert in Raleigh Durham to assist you with installation or replacement of the opener, the new opener will arrive when it is preset. This means that the lowest force on the opener is set. When the door balances correctly, you will only require minimum force to open. Our wide range of services here includes garage door repair, replacement, installation and maintenance. When the setting of the force is at maximum, the opener will have a hard time opening the door. The technician will adjust the opener so that it can work well.


Here are some of the reasons why this is happening:

  • Broken garage door spring: Springs usually run according to the cycles. When this cycle is complete, the springs will not work. Typically, springs run from 1500 to 10,000 cycles. You will need a technician to install new springs. There are cases when the springs get broken, this can slow the door. The technician will ensure replacements of the springs with working ones.
  • Lack of lubrication can make the door open slowly especially if certain parts of the door are made of metallic material. Lubrication will ensure that the parts are smooth enough to open.
  • The door is not balanced properly

Since the opener is a system that allows the garage door to work, it can be very disappointing when the door is opening slowly. Hiring a technician in Durham will ensure fixing of this problem. Firstly, the technician will check the force adjustment. This controls the power that opens and closes the door. The expert will then adjust it until the door can open without difficulty.

It is always important to hire the services of a professional because if you adjust the opener when the door does not balance correctly, the door can harm you. The technician usually tests the reverse system to assess whether it is working properly. This is after the adjustment. When the door is not easy to lift, you need a technician to evaluate and offer maintenance services.