Safety Replacing a Broken Garage Door Cable

The small garage door cable is an essential garage safety door mechanism that needs to be kept in good condition all the time. A garage door cable is the backbone of your garage door, without it, then you have no garage door.

If you have a broken garage door cable, you need to get it fixed, you can choose to fix it yourself if you are the kind who likes tinkering with things or enlist the services of a professional garage door repair technician. No matter how you choose to repair your cable, the fact remains that you need to purchase a new one.

How much do a new garage door cable cost?

If you enlist the help of a professional, it will cost you around $200 for the service and the springs. If you a DIY nut, then the price of buying a new garage door spring ranges from about $30- $60. You should be very careful though when replacing a garage door spring since you can hurt yourself during the process.

How To Fix A Garage Door Spring

Now that you decided to fix the garage door spring for yourself, I will take you through the process of replacing a garage door spring. Before we delve into the nitty grities of replacing a garage door spring, let’s see why the spring becomes broken in the first place.

What Causes A Garage Door Spring To Break Down?

The main reason why a garage door becomes broken is because of the stress and fatigue caused by the alternating forces of opening and closing. Over time, the spring wears out and weakens. To avoid getting injured by a broken spring, you need to cable it since once an uncalled spring breaks, it recoils with a very violent force that can go to an extent of killing a man. Repairing broken cable

-Before you start the repair, make sure that you that you release the tension in the Garage Door Springs. Then open the door slowly in order to prevent it from sliding down and then place some c-clamps on the door’s trucks, just below the doors lowest wheel.

-Now that the door is safely open, unhook the springs, change the cable and the hook up the springs again.

– Your garage door spring is now replaced. You can now remove the c-clamps and use your garage door normally.

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