With the help of modern technology, peoples’ lives are easier than ever before. You can use your smart phone or tablet to book plane tickets, rearrange money in your bank account and track your daily calorie intake. One of the greatest features of smartphones and tablets is their integration of Bluetooth wireless technology that allows you to control or connect to other devices with the push of a button.

Have you ever left your house with that itching feeling that you may not have closed your garage door? Have you ever wished you had a backup garage door remote, but didn’t want to spend the extra money? You no longer have to worry about finding garage door opener repair services or a garage door opener replacement. With new smartphone and tablet apps, you can control your garage with your handheld device. These new apps make life easier and convenient, so you can have peace of mind when leaving or returning home.

Best Garage Door Apps:

  1. Garage Mate by BTmate: BTmate has created an app that’s compatible with a wide range of different garage door openers. They include popular brands like Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Legacy, Raynor and Wayne-Dalton. You’ll receive simple do it yourself instructions about how to install an inexpensive Bluetooth piece to your garage door motor to make this app function properly. They even have a YouTube video for those who are visual learners. Raleigh Durham Garage Door Experts deal with high-quality garage door repair of all parts which are offered at affordable rates.
  2.  The app allows users 30 free clicks as a free trial, and then you’ll only have to pay $1.99 per licensing key to continue using it. This app is available through the company’s website as well as Google Play.
  3.  Tap It Open by Simon Says: Tap It Open also uses blue tooth technology to open and close your garage door. There is no charge for the app, but you will need to purchase a kit from the company that’s available through their website. The kit runs $49.95, but supports additional brands like Genie. You’ll also be able to install up to two different garage door openers per phone. This app is perfect for anyone that needs access to multiple homes. The app also has incredible reviews through the Google Play store.
  4.  LiftMaster Home Control: Do you love products by LiftMaster? Well, they’ve created a home control that works for more than your garage door opener. They use an innovative technology called LiftMaster MyQ Internet Gateway that allows you to not only control your garage door, but gate operators and lights as well. With the LiftMaster Home Control, you can operate your garage door, lights and gates from anywhere that your phone or tablet has an internet connection, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to close the garage door or leaving the lights on again. This app is free through the iTunes and Google Play store, but you must register for the LiftMaster MyQ Internet Gateway and download the software from the LiftMaster website. The device you’ll need to sync your home to your smartphone or tablet is $55.