Nowadays, most of our clients use their garage doors to enter or leave the house. The garage door offers safety not just for the household but also for the automobiles. This necessitates the need to have the door working well. As a company, we pride ourselves in offering the best garage door repair services. Indeed, there comes a time when the garage door or certain parts will need repairs. Our clients recommend our timely services whenever they need garage door repairs.


According to our years of experience, garage door springs are usually the first parts that will require these repairs. This is because they do all the lifting of the door and other parts. Here are five things that we advise our clients to consider when they require our repair services:

  1. It is important to know the springs previously used on your door. There are two types of springs; extension springs and torsion springs. Our garage door expert will assess the garage door spring that need to replacing before installing new ones.
  2. Springs are available in different sizes and lengths. Our technician will consider the size of the door before installing the springs. He will then adjust them so that they can balance the door’s weight. At all times, our technicians install springs in pairs. We advise our clients to consider this for efficiency. There will not be a problem with functionality when the springs’ installation is in pairs.
  3. At Raleigh Durham Garage door experts we advise our clients to consider upgrading their garage door parts as soon as they need repairs. This ensures that the door is more reliable and functions well.
  4. Efficiency is a factor we consider in all our services. We use top brands and garage door parts that offer better efficiency and insulation properties for our clients.
  5. We always offer repair packages at affordable prices to meet the budget needs of our clients. When looking for repair services, this is an important consideration.

When you need garage door needs repairs in Durham, Raleigh Durham Garage Door Experts is the company of choice. We have licensed and insured experts who understand all your garage door needs.