Garage door tracks are some of the most neglected parts of a garage. Yet, they have one of the most important functions.

Garage door tracks help guide a door’s rollers when the door is being lowered or raised. When a garage door tracks are in good working condition, the door moves quietly and with ease. But when the tracks are in bad shape, the garage door is noisy and difficult to operate.Garage door track are designed simply. They are usually composed of a vertical track running from the floor up on either side of the door. Then, the vertical track connects to a curved track, which bends the door so that it moves from a vertical position to a horizontal position. And then, there is a horizontal section which holds the door when it is opened. Tracks are usually put in during garage door installation.

So, although garage door tracks have an important function, they are mostly ignored, until something goes wrong, necessitating a call to a garage door repair firm. The most common problem reported with the garage tracks is usually rust since most tracks are made of materials prone to rusting.

However, if you want to avoid calling a garage door repair firm, and prevent rusting of your garage door track, there are certain tips that can be used.

Clean the Tracks

Garage door tracks run above ground, as well as on the garage wall. So, they can get clogged with dirt. In addition, children’s toys may get stuck on the tracks, and prevent a garage door from opening or closing.

So, you need to clean your garage door tracks regularly. Clean the tracks with clean water and soap. You should also remove any debris, toys or dirt on the track gently to prevent damaging the tracks.

Use Lubrication

Garage door tracks come into contact with garage door rollers’ regularly. If the track is not lubricated, the friction of the track and roller will lead to wear and tear. So, you need to oil the tracks at least every three months. It is also important to oil the tracks any time you wash them with soap.

Oiling can be scheduled so that it is done together with other parts such as the garage door spring.

Protect Your Garage from the Elements

Garage doors not only offer protection for your car, but they also help insulate the house from the elements. So, if your garage door insulation is low, it means that heat, moisture, dirt and other elements will get into the garage.

The effect will be that metal components of the garage door will rust. In addition, your home’s ability to retain heat, or keep out the heat will be compromised. So, you need to make sure that your garage door is well insulated to protect the garage itself as well as your home.

If you follow these tips, you can be certain that your garage door tracks will be protected from rust. But, if your garage door tracks have already been affected by rust, you can look for a garage door repair firm specialising in garage door tracks, or look for a garage door offer repair service close to you. By knowing the basics about your garage door springs, you’ll find it easier to maintain your door and operate it in safe conditions. Raleigh Durham Garage Door experts makes sure to give the best customer service by providing fast, reliable service and hiring experienced technicians.

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