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Tips for Weather Seal Replacement During Winters                                                                        

Garage doors are not naturally designed to keep heat in. The primary function of garage door installation is security to prevent theft and to keep out unwanted intruders. When it comes to the winter time and keeping out the cold, your garage door needs a good deal of checking, garage door repair and maintenance to ensure that it is functioning as a preventative measure not just for crime but also cold weather.The weather seals that surround the door as a defence against cold air and moisture are the primary defense against the elements for your garage. They are prone to wear and need to be maintained and replaced on a regular basis for maximum efficiency.

Maintenance Check

As winter approaches it is advisable to check that the weather seals are functioning properly. To do this you must disengage the  garage door opener by pulling on the cord used for emergencies with the door in the closed position. It is then safe to raise the garage door to a level where you can clearly see the condition of the weather seals. The top and bottom as well as the sides of the door need to be checked.

Whilst checking the weather seal, the door itself and the housing need to be checked; even if the weather seal itself is in good condition, the door may have warped, not enough to still be able to close and appear in full working order, but just enough to leave a small gap that the weather seal no longer covers. Check the surrounds and housing of the door for similar small alterations in shape and the concrete floor for wear and unevenness. Repairs to these small chinks will all help to make sure that whether the weather seal needs replacing or not, it will be fully functional and keep out the cold.

Save Energy

If you are thinking that it is not actually that important and a costly and cumbersome exercise that doesn’t really need to be done until the weather seal is totally worn out, then you should reconsider. Garages and garage door insulation are not designed to be as well insulated as the house that they serve. The home you live in will be well insulated in the floor, ceiling, roof and the walls. Garages do not have such luxuries as part of their blue print and consequently are somewhat colder in ambient temperature. If the weather seal is faulty the garage temperature will be even lower so heaters will need to be used creating higher energy bills. The estimated saving gained by replacing the malfunctioning garage door weather seal can be up to 15% of the overall heating bill for a family home.

Call in the Expert

At Raleigh-Durham Garage Door Experts we can do all of this for you. We operate 24 hours seven days a week and are able to carry out maintenance and repairs at an economical rate. Our expertise can identify any problems that your garage door may have developed before it becomes a major problem. Preventative measures for the weather seal on your garage door installation will save money in the long term.

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