The garage door performs well when you hire garage door experts in Durham for maintenance services.  Though the door will last for a long time, experts recommend maintenance services so that the door can perform well at all times. The opener will perform at its best when you service the door. Indeed, experts recommend maintenance in three phases – monthly, yearly and after several years.


Every month, it is important for the technician to assess the balance of the door. When the door properly aligns, it will avoid problems of falling. If the door disconnects from the opener and it sticks when you open or close, it is out of balance. Additionally, if it looks like falling when you open and release it, it is not in proper alignment. A technician will correct this problem.

The technician also assesses the door reversal system. The technician will put an obstruction to check whether the door will reverse. If it does not, the technician will check the limit adjustment screws to turn them as required. 


Garage door parts that are metallic should get lubrication to ensure smooth opening and closing. Some of the parts include rollers, hinges and screws. This should be an annual event. The best solutions to use are silicone and lithium based products respectively. Experts recommend lubricating the frame where the house connects with the door using wax. This helps the garage door slide well when it  opens and closes. 

After several years 

This is the perfect time to lubricate the rails of the garage door opener. You can use a clean rag to remove the grease build up. Additionally, the garage door expert will check the opener, rollers, tracks and springs to ensure that they work well.

Anytime the garage door has an issue with opening or closing, make sure you contact a garage door expert in Durham. He will conduct an evaluation to assess the problem and offer routine maintenance to combat future problems. When the garage door has proper maintenance, you will definitely save on future cost of replacement and garage door repair.